You can’t do it alone!

Teamwork is key to any successful program.

You have to make sure to have the right people in place and trust them to support you. No one person can do it alone, you have to surround yourself with people that have the same goal in mind and want the TEAM to succeed.

Don’t be bull headed and let your team give it to you straight even if it’s not pleasant to hear. If you have people that believe in you then they are saying it for the team’s benefit not because of some kind of personal power trip.

It’s a lot of work during race season but be warned because the off season is just as much work. Some days you are on phones for hours, answering emails, replying to texts and creating proposals because this is all part of running in the big show. Your head will sometimes feel like it weights 400 lbs and that you have just ran a marathon but you have to get this stuff done too.

When you reach out to a sponsor and get a “NO” don’t get discouraged, trash talk or even give up on them. It just might not be the right fit for them at that time. Later you can come back and it might then be the right time.

Team F@ST prefers the word partnership because that is really what it is here with us. It’s a family and we take care of family!

There will be speed bumps and you’ll have to make changes along the way. Just keep chugging along because when it does come together it’s feel awesome!

Then that’s when the real work begins but that’s for another post. 🙂 LOL

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