Justin Collier

Talk about being blessed because team F@ST Racing has Justin Collier in our corner! He literally has a lifetime of drag racing experience. Justin began racing at the age of nine. Mr. Collier is a 2-time National Champion on VTwins with AHDRA 2013 and AMRA 2014. He also competes on Nitro Harley’s.

He is the Founder of CODE1320X. This is a coaching program for racers and drivers to exponentially improve there performance on and off the track. It focuses on the entire mental game of Drag Racing. Justin clearly is an important contributor to the sport itself and he gets to use this experience daily as the owner operator of OTB Fabrication.

Justin Collier loves to go fast so his years of experience working in aerospace makes perfect sense. Justin’s involvement is a key part of F@ST Racing. On top of that, we share a great friendship. WOW… awesome stuff!


Image and graphic provided by JT Norton


Justin Collier V-twin 2017 Image provided by JT Norton
Justin and Kristin Collier 2017 Image provided by JT Norton

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