F@ST Partnerships available for 2019

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F@ST NHRA Pro Stock 1996 Suzuki GXSR 113ci attracts attention no matter were we go and there is space available to advertise you, your company or your product.

Team Andie Rawlings

Fast Andie Racing is one of the few independent Pro Stock Motorcycle teams competing in the NHRA* and will receive its fair share of multimedia coverage. I’m Andie Rawlings, the owner and driver for Fast Andie Racing, based out of Kissimmee, Florida. I have been drag racing motorcycles since 2008 and have been training with professionals in the sport for several years. This year, I took the final steps necessary to become a professional driver.


Partnerships Next Steps…

We are set for 2019 but partnerships are still available for our 2019 season please email us at Fastandie200@gmail.com.