About Us



Our F@ST Story

Team F@ST wants to advance the program to the next level but do it our way. We believe that our partnerships should be seen constantly and we work use the strengths of each partnership to help the others because that is what teamwork is about. we are a team we are family.

Meet Team F@ST

We would you to introduce you the key people on our team that will move team F@ST into our 2018 NHRA pro stock motorcycle drag racing season and beyond.


Andie Rawlings

Andie Rawlings has a wealth of racing experience

The Crew

Chad Rawlings / Crew Chief

Jared Gaskins / Crew Tech

Tori Gaskins / Design & Paint


Media Manager

JT Norton has been involved the motorsports industry since 2011. JT has covered countless drag racing events for numerous companies and online publications. His personal dedication to our sport has no equal as far as we are concerned.


JOIN team F@ST...

Team F@ST is set to go for our 2019 NHRA season but partnerships are still available.